Facilitator of Teaching Evaluation

Facilitator of Teaching Evaluation Digital Badge

The Office of Teaching Evaluation and Assessment Research (OTEAR) supports departments and schools in developing robust and meaningful methods for the evaluation of teaching. Workshops on teaching portfolios, peer review of teaching, interpreting student feedback, and preparing evidence for promotion, are regularly offered, both to candidates for promotion, advancement, or reappointment, as well as to department leaders tasked with evaluating teaching.

We are now offering a digital badging program to incentivize faculty to learn about teaching evaluation and develop skills to support their departments, while allowing department leaders to recognize those who are trained and interested in engaging in the evaluation of teaching.

Learning Goals

The program has three overarching learning goals for participants:

  • Learning Goal 1: Develop familiarity with policies, practices, and procedures related to the evaluation of teaching at Rutgers.
  • Learning Goal 2: Design processes based on best practices in evaluating a teaching portfolio, conducting peer observations/peer review of teaching, and interpreting student feedback.
  • Learning Goal 3: Be prepared to provide high-quality formative and summative feedback about teaching to other faculty.

Digital Badges

Participants in the program have the opportunity to obtain a digital badge. The badge is called Facilitator of Teaching Evaluation. It is earned after attending three different workshops on teaching evaluation and attending a consultation with OTEAR to discuss implementing evaluation of teaching in their context.

Participants may choose from workshops and presentations offered by OTEAR as part of its regular teaching evaluation programming (find a list of upcoming workshops here), but they may also select to attend sessions presented by other offices or professional organizations (with approval from OTEAR). The digital badge is permanently awarded and is available at no cost. The program is open to all faculty and instructional staff at Rutgers. Participants must attend all workshops within two years prior to scheduling the consultation with OTEAR.

If you are interested in applying for the Facilitator of Teaching Evaluation Digital Badge and have attended the prerequisite 3 workshops of teaching evaluation, please take the following steps:

  • Access the Canvas site and select “Join Course” on the top right of the screen
  • Submit this Canvas survey providing your information and availability for a consultation with OTEAR