OTEAR is a central office within Academic Affairs, reporting to the Office of the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs (EVPAA). OTEAR is charged by the EVPAA with supporting institution-wide teaching evaluations and other assessments related to learning outcomes and continuous academic improvement, academic appointments and promotions, convening networks related to the implementation of best practices in teaching and learning (complementary to and collaborative with the teaching, learning, or pedagogy centers in the academic units), and sharing research innovations in the space of teaching for rapid dissemination across the four academic units. In our role to support the university community, OTEAR collects and analyzes student feedback on instruction, and provides both university-wide programming and customized workshops, training, and consultations upon request.

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Office of Teaching Evaluation and Assessment Research
Rutgers University
116 College Avenue
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

(732) 445-4636 - Rutgers University INFO

(848) 932-74This phone number is not the main Rutgers information line. Please use the phone number listed at www.rutgers.edu for general university information. 66
otear@brokenmail.rutgers.edu please replace brokenmail.rutgers.edu with rutgers.edu

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