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Classroom Inclusivity Series

The Classroom Inclusivity Series is a collaboration between various units across Rutgers University, organized and facilitated by The Office of Teaching Evaluation and Assessment Research and the University Equity and Inclusion Office. The purpose of the program is to promote Inclusive Scholarship and Teaching (as identified by the Rutgers University Diversity Priorities) and in particular to support a more well-rounded understanding of Classroom Inclusivity. To learn more about earning a badge through the Classroom Inclusivity Series, please visit our main page, or try clicking on the badges directly below to visit the Accredible Badging site.

This page is a showcase to congratulate all of our badge earners. Below you will find a list of the participants who completed the program with their respective badges displayed after their names. To view the websites created by Level 2 badge earners, click on the corresponding badge icon next to their name and log into Canvas if necessary. We also have a dedicated Level 2 Badge Earner site to easily browse these instructor-created sites.

Lifelong Learning in Inclusive & Equitable Teaching Badge Awardees

School of Arts & Sciences - New Brunswick

Maggie Albright-Pierce - Psychology Level1Badge
Serena Connolly - Classics Level1Badge
Gabriela Constantin-Dureci - Spanish and Portuguese Level1Badge
Eagan Dean - English Level1Badge
Eva Erber - German Level1Badge
Michael FitzGerald - Political Science Level1Badge
Hebatalla Elkhateeb - English Level1Badge
Lauren Holm - English Writing Program Level1Badge
Dugan McGinley - Religion Level1Badge
Lauren N. Neitzke Adamo - Earth & Planetary Sciences Level1Badge Level2Badge
Cassandra Nelson - Life Sciences, Cell Biology & Neuroscience Level1Badge
Laura Ramirez Polo - Spanish and Portuguese Level1Badge
Talia Robbins - Honors College Level1Badge
Asa K. Rennermalm - Geography Level1Badge
Ryan Rhodes - Cognitive Science Level1Badge
Lena Sandberg-Golden - English Writing Program Level1Badge
Kristen Syrett - Linguistics Level1Badge
Katherine Tuangco - Sociology Level1Badge

School of Arts & Sciences - Newark

Patricia Akhimie - English Level1Badge Level2Badge
Rola Bekdash - Biological Sciences Level1Badge
Theodora Leontaridis - Sociology, Anthropology Level1Badge
Andrew J. Lester - American Studies, History Level1Badge
Raffi Manjikian - Chemistry Level1Badge
Brianna McDaniels - Genetics Level1Badge
Ramona Ross - Psychology Level1Badge
Courtney J. Sobers - Chemistry Level1Badge

School of Arts & Sciences - Camden

Kristin August - Psychology and Health Sciences Level1Badge
Chelsea B. FrancoMartin - Public Policy & Administration Level1Badge
Nathan Fried - Biology Level1Badge
Ivan O. Rivera Torres - Chemistry Level1Badge

School of Public Affairs & Administration

Rachel Emas - Public Affairs & Administration Level1Badge
Lisa A. Scott - Public Affairs & Administration Level1Badge

Mason Gross School of the Arts

Anne McPherson - Theater Arts Level1Badge
Hongzhe Liang - Visual Arts Level1Badge

Graduate School of Applied & Professional Psychology

Vanessa H. Bal - Applied Psychology Level1Badge
Nicole Cain - Clinical Psychology Level1Badge
Brian C. Chu - Clinical Psychology Level1Badge
Timothy J. Cleary - School Psychology Level1Badge
Meghan Deshais - Applied Behavior Analysis Level1Badge
Angelica M. Diaz-Martinez - Clinical Psychology Level1Badge
Angelo M. Dibello - Applied Psychology Level1Badge
Erum Nadeem - School Psychology Level1Badge
Lisa Reddy - School Psychology Level1Badge
Kenneth Schneider - Clinical Psychology Level1Badge
Elisa S. Shernoff - School Psychology Level1Badge
Karen Riggs-Skean - Clinical Psychology Level1Badge
Louis A. Sass - Clinical Psychology Level1Badge
James Walkup - Clinical Psychology Level1Badge

Graduate School of Education

Rosa Aghekyan - Education Psychology Level1Badge
Corina Hernandez - Douglass Residential College Level1Badge

School of Graduate Studies

Giuseppe Grispino - Italian Level1Badge
Nil Uzun Weidner - Sociology Level1Badge

Division of Student Affairs

Samantha Coren Plum - Recreation Level1Badge
Bernadette So - Career Development Center Level1Badge

School of Biological & Environmental Sciences

Anna Hausmann - Animal Sciences Level1Badge
Alexander Lopez - Marine & Coastal Sciences Level1Badge Level2Badge
Marci Meixler - Ecology, Evolution, & Natural Resources Level1Badge
Emily V. Merchant - Plant Biology & Pathology Level1Badge
Abigail W. Porter - Environmental Sciences Level1Badge
Victoria C. Ramenzoni - Human Ecology Level1Badge
William Sciarappa - Agriculture & Natural Resources Level1Badge
Jennifer S. Sun - Biochemistry & Microbiology Level1Badge
Mary Whelan - Environmental Sciences Level1Badge
Natalya Voloshchuk - Biochemistry and Microbiology Level1Badge

School of Communication & Information

Lauren Bell - Library & Information Science Level1Badge
Shawnika J. Hull - Communication Level1Badge
Kristen Koehler - MCM & Communication (PR) Level1Badge
Nikolaos Linardopoulos - Communication Level1Badge
Caitlin Petre - Journalism and Media Studies Level1Badge
Sharon Stoerger - IDTS - Dean's Office Level1Badge
Maria K. Venetis - Communication Level1Badge

School of Engineering

Kristen Labazzo - Biomedical Engineering Level1Badge
Umer Hassan - Eletrical & Computer Engineering Level1Badge

School of Management & Labor Relations

Tracy F. Chang - Labor Studies & Employment Relations Level1Badge
Douglas J. Coffey - Human Resource Management Level1Badge
Lindsay Dhanani - Human Resource Management Level1Badge
Hadi El-Farr - Human Resource Management Level1Badge
David A. Ferio - Human Resource Management Level1Badge
Rebecca L. Greenbaum - Human Resource Management Level1Badge
Anne-Michelle Marsden - Labor Studies & Employment Relations Level1Badge Level2Badge
Francis Ryan - Labor Studies & Employment Relations Level1Badge
Sheri-Rose Rubin - Human Resource Management Level1Badge
Tobias Schulze-Cleven - Labor Studies & Employment Relations Level1Badge Level2Badge Level2Badge Level2Badge
Michael C. Sturman - Human Resource Management Level1Badge
Paula B. Voos - Labor Studies & Employment Relations Level1Badge

Rutgers Biomedical & Health Sciences

Juhi Aggarwal - New Jersey Safe Schools Level1Badge
Joye C. Anestis - Health Behavior, Society, & Policy Level1Badge
Julie Blumenfeld - Midwifery Program, Advanced Practice Division Level1Badge
Maryanne Campbell - Environmnetal & Occupational Health & Justice Level1Badge
Lori Palfreyman - Physician Assistant Studies & Pratice Level1Badge
Lisa Palladino Kim - Health Informatics Level1Badge
Dione Sandiford - Center for Clinical Learning Level1Badge
Robyn Schafer - Advanced Nursing Practice Level1Badge
Lee Ann Schein - Pharmacology Level1Badge
Derek G. Shendell - Environmnetal & Occupational Health & Justice Level1Badge
Liisa Veerus - Center for Advanced Biotechnology & Medicine Level1Badge

School of Nursing - Camden

Rachel Derr - Nursing Level1Badge Level2Badge Level2Badge Level2Badge
Sangita Pudasainee-Kapri - Nursing Level1Badge
Tyshaneka Saffold - Nursing Level1Badge

Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey

Gulam Mohmad Rather - Pharmacology & Molecular Medicine Level1Badge

Rutgers Law School

Anjum Gupta - Law Level1Badge

Joseph C. Cornwall Center for Metropolitan Studies

Charity Anderson Level1Badge
Elisabeth Kim - Urban Education Level1Badge

Learning Centers

Hebbah El-Moslimany Level1Badge




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