Badges Offered through OTEAR

Classroom Inclusivity Series

The Classroom Inclusivity Series is a collaboration between various units across Rutgers University, organized and facilitated by The Office of Teaching Evaluation and Assessment Research and the University Equity and Inclusion Office. The purpose of the program is to promote Inclusive Scholarship and Teaching (as identified by the Rutgers University Diversity Priorities) and in particular to support a more well-rounded understanding of Classroom Inclusivity. Through this program you will be able to:

  • Understand and begin to address your and your students’ identities, biases, prejudices, and fears and the impact they have on learning and the classroom environment.
  • Infuse inclusive teaching practices into your educational practices by course re-design or adopting new teaching activities.
  • Ensure course content, web pages, activities, and assessments are accessible to all students.

Rutgers community members are welcome to participate in individual workshops. There are three levels of digital badge credentials for those interested.

Facilitator of Teaching Evaluation

The Facilitator of Teaching Evaluation digital badging program offers an opportunity for faculty to learn about teaching evaluation and develop skills to support their departments while allowing department leaders to recognize those who are trained and interested in engaging in the evaluation of teaching. Participants in the program will be able to:

  • Develop familiarity with policies, practices, and procedures related to evaluation of teaching at Rutgers.
  • Design processes based on best practices in evaluating a teaching portfolio, conducting peer observations/peer review of teaching, and interpreting student feedback.
  • Be prepared to provide high-quality formative and summative feedback about teaching to other faculty.

Introduction to Learning Analytics for Instructors

The Introduction to Learning Analytics for Instructors program is a new asynchronous learning opportunity to support instructors in starting to build their capacity around learning analytics. Topics include defining learning analytics, ethical considerations, limitations, the impact of course design, and an introduction to New Analytics in Canvas. The digital badge can be earned through the completion of all module activities and assignments and is open to all Rutgers faculty and instructional staff at no cost. 

There are some activities designed to provide opportunities for discussion with colleagues, and therefore the module will be run in two week cohorts, one per month. Go to the Canvas site to register

Graphic emblem for Rutgers University's 'Intro to Learning Analytics for Instructors' course by the Office of Teaching Evaluation & Assessment Research, featuring a stylized red and black hexagon with a crossing gray ribbon.

Badging Programs Offered by Other Rutgers Units

More information about Microcredentials at Rutgers is available at the  Academic Affairs microcredentials and badging page.