Additional Questions

Additional Optional Questions

Current as of Spring 2017

Instructors who add questions to their Student Instructional Rating Surveys may optionally write their own questions or choose from the following list. To use these questions in Sakai, choose the ”Expert“ option when adding questions. In EvaluationKit, choose the ”Item Bank“ option. The questions are divided into broad categories, the list below indicates both the category and the text of the question.

These questions come from a variety of sources, some have been used by Rutgers faculty in the past, and some were suggested by Rutgers students. They are not necessarily recommended; instead, these questions should be viewed as possibly useful in their current form, or as a basis for developing your own questions.

Course Quality

  • I would recommend this course to other students.
  • I would recommend this professor.
  • My experience in this course has encouraged me to continue taking courses in this subject.
  • The course was intellectually stimulating.
  • I really wanted to take a course with this instructor.
  • Exams
  • Examinations covered the important aspects of the course
  • The difficulty of the exams was reasonable
  • Examination items were clearly worded
  • Exam length was appropriate for the time allotted

Coursework and Texts

  • Assignments were interesting
  • Assignments required a reasonable amount of time
  • Assignments were relevant to what was presented
  • Since the beginning of this course how many hours a week, on average, have you spent on this course in addition to class time?
  • How often did you use the recommended texts?
  • Course assignments (e.g. quizzes, tests, essay topics, or midterm exams) accurately reflected the material taught.
  • The textbook was easy to understand.
  • The assigned readings were easy to understand.
  • The workload for the course was appropriate.


  • Examinations covered the important aspects of the course
  • The difficulty of the exams was reasonable
  • Examination items were clearly worded
  • Exam length was appropriate for the time allotted

Instructional Environment & Materials

  • What is the online presence of this course?
  • The instructional technologies were effective.
  • The classroom environment supported my learning.

Instructor Effectiveness


  • The instructor suggested specific ways students could improve
  • The instructor gave constructive feedback
  • The instructor kept students informed of their progress
  • Exams and graded assignments were returned promptly.


  • The instructor treated students with respect
  • Class discussions were helpful.
  • The instructor was accessible to students.
  • The instructor was personally interested in student learning.
  • The instructor respected the various points of view expressed by the students.


  • Course participation was encouraged.
  • The instructor used real-world examples to explain course content.
  • The instructor challenged the students to think critically.
  • The instructor effectively used group discussions to improve student learning.
  • The instructor used many different kinds of assignments to evaluate my learning.


  • The syllabus matches what was taught in the class.
  • The lectures matched up with the readings.
  • Student responsibilities in this class are well-defined.
  • Course expectations were clearly described in the syllabus.

Student Development


  • Group activities contributed significantly to my learning
  • Working with others in the group helped me learn more effectively
  • The students were encouraged to help each other in learning course content.


  • I gained a good understanding of concepts in this field
  • I developed a working knowledge of this field
  • What grade do you expect to receive in this class?
  • My cumulative grade point average is:


  • I participated actively in group discussions
  • I developed leadership skills within this group
  • I developed new friendships within this group
  • I studied harder in this course than in other courses I have taken.


  • I gained a better understanding of myself through this course
  • I developed a greater sense of personal responsibility
  • I increased my awareness of my own talents
  • Because of this course I have a more positive attitude about this discipline.


  • The course developed my skills in oral communication.
  • The course developed my skills in written communication.
  • The course developed my skills in critically analyzing ideas.