Spring 2024 SIRS running now

The Student Instructional Rating Surveys for most courses are available starting today, April 16 through May 1. Exact dates may vary for individual courses.

To complete their surveys, students should go to https://sirs.rutgers.edu/blue. Faculty can use the same link to monitor survey progress, and view the survey results after the conclusion of the grading period.

Students will receive periodic email reminders, and see pop-up reminders asking them to complete the survey in Canvas. To encourage student participation, we recommend instructors set aside some class time during which students can complete the survey, among other methods for promoting student participation.

Results of the Spring 2024 Student Instructional Rating Surveys will be distributed to faculty on May 14th (some schools and departments have opted for a later distribution date). The numeric portion of the survey will be posted for the university community to view on the SIRS Results web site in August.